When might I need a Plat of Survey?

When might I need a Plat of Survey?

A plat of survey may be required by your city, village, or lending institution in various circumstances outlined below.

  • When buying or selling land, the location of which is not clearly defined on the ground.
  • Before land is divided.
  • If a lending institution requires a survey.
  • If a line or corner is not defined.
  • Before building close to a line.
  • Before a lot is conveyed from a larger tract.
  • Before developing the property.
  • When you believe someone has built on your property.

So, why is a house location survey so important? Here are a few reasons:

  • It shows the location and existence of the property.
  • It shows the relationship of the property to adjoining properties.
  • It establishes discrepancies between actual occupation or use and the description of record.
  • It indicates the location of physical improvements in relation to the property lines.
  • A house location survey is the only reliable way of obtaining and confirming basic information about a property.

It is vital to obtain a plat of survey because it is important for an owner of a property to know where their property boundaries are. This protects the owner from accidentally encroaching on their neighbors property and more importantly enabling the owner to protect themselves from their neighbors encroaching on their property. A survey will clearly show where these boundary lines are enabling the owner to protect themselves and preventing long term costs and damages.

Many home buyers get a copy of an old plat of survey and figure that it’s good enough. But have things changed on the property since the old survey was made? Have local laws changed that might affect your property rights? The perceived boundaries of a property, such as tree lines or that beautiful new fence in the back yard often differ from the actual recorded boundaries. Obtaining a survey prior to closing brings such discrepancies to light before it is too late.

It is critical to note that the house location survey must be read with the title report. Discrepancies encountered should be resolved before moving to settlement. Together, the house location survey and the title report form the basis for the issuance of insurance. Why accept a blanket exception on your title insurance when you can know about issues with a proper house location survey?

Why would I need a Plat of Survey