Survey Types & Descriptions

Check out the list of the different types of surveys with their descriptions and uses.

A.L.T.A/A.C.S.M Land Title Surveys

Plat of Survey/Boundary Survey

Plat of Topography

Subdivision Surveys

As-Built Grading Surveys

Plat of Easement Surveys

Annexation Surveys

Site Improvement Plan

Mortgage Inspection

Condominium Surveys

Legal Descriptions

We are required by law to practice per the Illinois State Statue. Please see the details of the section below.

Section 1270.56  Minimum Standards of Practice

The minimum standards of practice set forth in this Section are intended to provide protection for the public by insuring that surveying services defined in this Section are completed in accordance with prevailing professional practices and current technological methods, and to provide a means by which professional performance of the individual practitioner can be assessed.  These standards are to be binding upon every person and firm practicing land surveying in the State of Illinois, except where differing federal, State or local laws, ordinances or rules may be more stringent, or when special conditions exist that effectively prevent the survey from meeting these minimum standards.  When special conditions exist any necessary deviations from the standards shall be noted on the plat of survey.  It shall be a violation of this Part to use special conditions to circumvent the intent and purpose of the minimum standards.  Any of the professional services set forth in this Section are greatly influenced by the evaluation of recorded information and field observations, and all those services shall be accomplished in compliance with these standards to ensure that they are located, described and platted in a professional manner.  All terms used in these Minimum Standards of Practice shall be interpreted to agree with the definitions of those terms in the most current publication of Black’s Law Dictionary, Definitions of Surveying and Associated Terms published by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and Glossary of the Mapping Sciences published by American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS), ACSM and the ASCE.

Source: Joint Committee on Administrative Rules – Section 1270.56  Minimum Standards of Practice